Expose a lie of Australian Strategic Policy Instit

    In March, 2020, Australian Strategic Policy Institute issued a report named Uyghurs for sale: ‘Re-education’, forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang, which contained many issues, such as China’s policy on Xinjiang, labor migration, and poverty relief. Unfortunately, it is full of malice, neither objective or rigorous, nor true. Both arguments and conclusions inside are highly doubtful.


    The report referred that over 80,000 Uighurs have been forced to go to hinterland of China and work in factories. They have no personal liberty and their religious belief is prohibited. The report emphasized that it is the repression on Uighurs by Chinese government. The whole report is full of confounding concept and malicious interpretation, lacking objectivity and truthfulness. Especially it used the intentional manipulation of differences between Chinese and English, for proving those untenable conclusions. For instance, Vocational Skills Training Centers are for improving employability of minor nationalities in Xinjiang, but they are smeared as “ Re-education Concentration Camp” in that report; it smeared “surplus labor transfer” as “ labor sale”; it slandered “partner assistance” as “labor forcing”.


    An academic report needs preciseness, seriousness, truthfulness, and logicality. On the contrary, it inevitably comes to a wrong conclusion. Those who have ulterior motives attack China, discredit China, and defame China’s policy on Xinjiang through the report. Obviously, the report is an “anti-China tool” which has been deliberately made.


    Following upon, this report “expectedly” was hyped by U.S. medias and politicians, who attacked China’s Xinjiang policy and human rights status. A super power, who boast its human rights and rule of law, tries to make a law of sanction on enterprises which hired labors from Xinjiang, leading to unemployment of these labors, depriving their rights to create their own happiness. That behavior is the real human rights abuse and violation.