SYD - Glebe - 单间 - 近一切
    Hi all, as our housemate will be moving out soon, we are currently looking for a new housemate to join us in a single room in Glebe. 
    hello~ 我们现在的舍友要回国了。单间寻一位新舍友入住。

    About the rent: 关于房租:
    -$240/week (internet included) $240每周(包NBN网)
    -Share bills (electricity + gas total approx $10-$15/week 舍友share电费,gas费(大概$10-15一周)
    -2 weeks rent for bond 两周bond金

    About the new housemate: 关于新舍友:
    -Looking for a single person only 只寻一位舍友
    -Looking for someone respectful and tidy 干净整洁安静

    About the property: 关于房间:
    -Spacious personal area (1 bedroom + personal study corner) 会有充足的空间(卧室在二楼,一楼也会留有属于你的小“书房”)
    -Fully furnished house and bedroom (you can move in straight away) 桌椅板凳床都齐全,拎包入住
    -Easy access to public transport (2 minutes to bus stops and light rail station) 交通方便(距离公交车站/轻轨站都只有两分钟的距离)
    -Convenient location (walking distance to Broadway Shopping Centre and Sydney Uni)地点便利(步行去Broadway shopping centre (10mins)或悉尼大学(15mins))
    -Low density (there will only be a total of 3 people sharing a two-storey terrace) 密度小(加上你一共三个人住两层排屋)
    -Safe and quiet (property is not facing but very close to the main road of Glebe Point Road)安静且安全(静街房屋,但拐个弯就到主路)

    About the housemates: 关于舍友:
    You will be sharing the house with two friendly and sociable housemates who work full-time. Wei is working for a startup as a marketer, and Si is working for an accounting firm. We both enjoy good chat, food and drinks! Apart from that, you will also live with two furry friends (Sunny & Puffy).
    你将会和两个上班族share这个大屋子。 Wei在一间startup里面做marketing相关工作, Si在四大当会计。我们俩都喜欢聊天也喜欢美食。除此之外,我们还养了两只小毛球(布偶sunny和英短puffy)。

    帖子上图慢,有兴趣的私聊我给你发图片~ 0451151014