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    About EUE Glasses

    EUE Glasses provides fashion and prescription glasses online and mobile try-on services offline. We select most in trend fashion eyewear for people to break free from conventional patterns and to show who they are. MUJOSH and EUE are our most popular fashion eyewear brand, and we are the only authorized retailer in NSW. We are also a professional optical lenses provider for correction and sun protection from single vision lenses to prescription sunglasses. EUE was founded in Australia with a very clear objective: to provide most suitable lenses for peoples loved frames or sunglasses. Most suitable? Because we found there were too many eyewear lenses on the market, optical lenses are far too expensive or too complicated to choose. We provide 24 hours fast delivery for urgent glasses fitting, and special grinding and polishing service for big fashion frames to make them thinner and lighter. We started EUE to create an simple and unconventional alternative.

    Our mission:

    -Make your vision clear by easier way


    · To provide cutting-edge fashion eyewear for young people to break free from conventional patterns and to show who they are

    · To provide the most suitable and high quality optical lenses for our customers

    · To make eyeglasses shopping convenient, fast, fun and easy


    Why Choose Us?

    · We provide the most cost effective fashion eyewear and lenses.

    · We provide within 24 hours fast fitting services while you need your glasses in urgent situation

    · We provide online and offline services for you convenient and better shopping experience


    Cutting-edge of Fashion

    When we are trying to see glasses with a new vision, we realize that glasses are not just tools for visual aids. We are introducing forefront fashion and designer brand into Australia.
    MUJOSH is a cutting-edge fashion eyewear brand created for young people all around the world.

     MU [mu] Meaning: Wood. The first eyewear brand using wood material;

    JO [dʒəu]  Meaning: nine, Breaking the rule and keep moving;

    SH [ʃ]  Meaning: Ten. Stands for the lasting quality and pursuing perfect techniques.


    "More Than Glasses" is MUJOSH’s slogan.
    This dedicated brand has an attitude of its own to encourage young people to break free from conventional patterns and to show who they are.

    MUJOSH is moving forward in the path from nine to ten.

    Jacklens is combine the freshest styles and vision comfort for our customers.

    Profession in Optical Lens Technology

    We are providing the most well-known optical lenses for our customers, such as Carl Zeiss Vision from Germany, Essilor from France, Nikon from Japan and EUE. Our team have rich experience in eyewear industry, and we have professional optical lenses consultants and experienced optometrist to solve various correction and sun protection problems for eyewear users.

    For You, for your eyewear

    Everyone is unique, and every eyewear users needs are different. You need a suitable eyewear for your unique face , so why settle for frames and lenses that aren’t? Our selected frames and sunglasses are designed by frontier designer all around the world and made in the quality approved factory. The brand introduced, the style selected and even lens recommended are assured that we provide eyewear that is suitable for you.