Online University Tutor
    Location: online teaching - Melbourne
    AUD$45-60 per hour
    Chinese/English language profiency
    Why Tutor with us?
    -Tutor Australian-based Chinese university students (bachelors level)
    Enjoy an attractive hourly rateof $50-60 AUD per hour , plus monthly review for base rate increase, teaching incentives, referral bonus and other promotions.
    -Flexibility with no commute.
    -Multiple types of classes with professional and interesting curriculum provided, so that you can focus just on teaching.  
    -Top-level professional Training from experienced instructors to strengthen and develop your teaching skills
    -24/7 timely support from our support team
    Who We Want?
    - A Master’s degree or higher from an Australian Group of 8 university
    - A minimum commitment of 5 peak hours per week. (Unlimited classes)
    - At least 1 year of tutoring experience preferred (including homeschooling, tutoring, coaching, mentoring, and other experiences)
    -Native Chinese speaker
    -Currently studying/completed a Master degree in business or commerce from a Group of 8 university in Australia
    What is expected?
    -Guide and teach students from non-Group of 8 students in various business courses such as accounting, marketing, international trade, etc
    -For you to tutor multiple 60-min group classes, with class sizes of no more than 15 students.
    -Help students understand, appreciate and properly use online platforms for learning
    -Create a friendly atmosphere for students to learn in and encourage creativity in the virtual learning environment.
    -Enjoy your experience always!