Intern part time 多个方向可选


    Job responsibilities and qualifications (optional)


    Ø 文案处理方向:

    1、   协助移民代理和留学顾问处理相关文书工作和申请工作

    2、   协助团队进行日常文案工作、质量管理和流程审核

    3、   具有良好的服务意识和服务热情、良好的沟通能力、亲和力、细心、踏实

    4、   有相关工作经验者优先考虑

    Ø Application and Admission Counselor:

    1.   Assist immigration agents and education consultants in handling related paperwork and application lodgment

    2.   Assist the team in daily paperwork, quality check and process review

    3.   have a good sense of service and enthusiasm, good communication skills, affinity, careful and practical

    4.   Relevant work experience is preferred



    Ø Tutor方向:

    1、  独立完成授课计划与准备

    2、  学员管理并作相应数据记录,包括但不限于考勤、学习情况跟踪、测验、考试

    3、  协助处理学员投诉、及时反馈学员意见

    4、  具有较高责任心和耐心,具备一定的独立备课能力,有良好的沟通能力,

    5、  澳洲本科及以上学历,具备较好的英文阅读及写作能力,专业为商科类优先考虑

    Ø Tutor:

    1.   Complete the teaching plan and preparation independently

    2.   Student management and keep progress record, including but not limited to attendance, learning tracking, quiz, and examination

    3.   Assist in handling student complaints and report student’s feedback

    4.   Have a high sense of responsibility and patience, have a certain ability to prepare lessons independently, and have good communication skills.

    5.   Australian undergraduate degree or above, with good English reading and writing skills. Relevant tutor experience in Business and Commerce will be given priority


    Ø 新媒体运营:

    1、  负责公司自媒体平台的日常内容编辑、发布、维护、管理、互动,策划创意方案、话题、活动等。

    2、  负责增加粉丝数,提高关注度和粉丝的活跃度,并及时与粉丝互动

    3、  协助团队挖掘和分析网友使用习惯、情感及体验感受,及时掌握新闻热点,有效协助完成专题策划活动

    4、  具有良好的执行力、学习能力、沟通能力、定位能力

    Ø New media operation:

    1.   Responsible for the company's daily content editing, publishing, maintenance, management, interaction from the media platform, planning creative programs, topics, activities, etc.

    2.   Responsible for increasing the number of fans, increasing attention and fan activity, and interacting with fans in a timely manner

    3.   Assist the team to mine and analyze the habits, emotions and experience of netizens, grasp the news hotspots in time, and effectively assist in the completion of the special planning activities.

    4.   Has good execution, learning ability, communication ability, positioning ability



    Ø Marketing方向:

    1、  负责活动的支持,及合作公司沟通协调,及时完成并跟进安排的工作

    2、  能够协助项目日常运营的管理和协调,在团队指导下进行常规报告的输出

    3、  协助线上线下活动的具体执行内容

    4、  完成其他临时工作

    Ø Marketing

    1.   Responsible for the support of marketing activities, communication and coordination with cooperative companies, and complete and follow up the scheduled work in a timely manner.

    2.   Can assist in the management and coordination of the daily operation of the project, and output the regular report under the guidance of the team.

    3.   Assist in the implementation of online and offline marketing activities

    4.   Complete other temporary work