Reflection Paper on Success


       After watching these TED Talks, I have deepened my understanding of success. I thought that success was a moment when you achieved a goal that you were expecting to realize or outscored your opponents or solved a problem that had been troubling you. I thought that there must be criteria to measure whether you succeed or fail. However, these talks delivered by those who have made great success, at least in my opinion, changed my previous view of success and inspired me to go on my way to success. By the way, those speakers may not think they have made success because everyone has a different definition of success. 

       看完这些TED演讲后,我加深了对成功的理解。 我认为成功是你实现一个目标,你期望实现或超过你的对手或解决一直困扰你的问题的时刻。 我认为必须有标准来衡量你是成功还是失败。 然而,至少在我看来,那些取得巨大成功的人所做的这些谈话改变了我之前的成功观,并激励我继续走向成功。 顺便说一句,那些发言者可能认为他们没有取得成功,因为每个人都有不同的成功定义。

    Success is a long journey and it will never end. Sarah Lewis, whose talk How to Embrace the Near-win narrated a story of Elizabeth Murray she heard when she worked in the Museum of Modern Art, the painter said that she thought several works of her were not worth an exhibit. She felt surprised that such a master in modern art was still unsatisfied with her works even when they had been recognized by audiences and experts. Creating an excellent work may not be difficult for her but continuously creating excellent works is difficult and it may be impossible. But just because of the failure or in other words, near-win, our passion for further success has never disappeared. We have to practice more and more to insist on our pursuit for mastery, just like those archers, aiming and shooting again and again. Richard St. John has the same understanding of success, after he fell from his comfort place of success. He made great effort to achieve success, like coming up with good ideas, dealing with clients and projects, etc. But when his company became larger and larger, he had more troubles to solve and then he ignored and forgot something that he was good at. He was at a loss thus he failed. However, after he started all over again and began doing what he previously did, he returned to the top again. This time he knew that he had to keep his initial mind and never stop doing what he had been engaged in. 

    成功是漫长的旅程,永远不会结束。莎拉刘易斯的演讲如何拥抱近赢,叙述了她在现代艺术博物馆工作时听到的伊丽莎白默里的故事,画家说她认为她的几件作品不值得展览。她感到惊讶的是,即使受到观众和专家的认可,这样的现代艺术大师仍然对她的作品不满意。创作出色的作品对她来说可能并不困难,但是不断创作出色的作品很难,而且可能是不可能的。但正是因为失败或者换句话说,接近胜利,我们对进一步成功的热情从未消失。我们必须越来越多地练习坚持我们对精通的追求,就像那些弓箭手一样,一次又一次地瞄准和射击。理查德·圣约翰(Richard St. John)在取得成功后,对成功有着同样的理解。他努力取得成功,如提出好的想法,与客户和项目打交道等等。但是当他的公司变得越来越大,他有更多麻烦要解决,然后他忽略了,忘了他擅长的东西。他不知所措,因此失败了。然而,在他重新开始并开始做他以前做过的事后,他再次回到了顶峰。这一次,他知道他必须保持最初的思想,永远不要停止做他曾经从事过的事情。

    Success is recognized by your own not by others. John Wooden, who has a legend of coaching career, always say that success not means you have to win. If you have paid all your effort, you have succeeded, no matter what the result is. He always tells his players that do not let your behavior reflect that you have failed. You should hold your head up because no one could evaluate whether you have succeeded except yourself. Alain de Botton will agree with his opinion that he also believes that your idea of success is your own. No one else could define your success for you and you should also rely on other’s view. We have to realize that society will never achieve absolutely fair, which means we have different opportunities basing on our environment. The best we can do is to develop all of our talents and devote all of our heart and body to obtain what we want. It reminds me of the people in Bhutan, who have been researched by Chip Conley, the speaker of another TED Talk. He said that the king of Bhutan put up with an original perspective of success for a country, GNH (gross national happiness) rather than GDP. Traditional view of a successful country is that its GDP must be high, or in other words, most people there are rich. However, money cannot always bring happiness, sometimes problems come along. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. But your own success is the only one that you approve, which makes you happy and satisfied. 

    成功是由你自己而不是其他人认可的。拥有教练生涯传奇的约翰伍德总是说成功并不意味着你必须获胜。如果你付出了所有的努力,无论结果如何,你都取得了成功。他总是告诉他的球员,不要让你的行为反映你失败了。你应该抬起头来,因为除了你自己,没有人可以评估你是否成功了。 Alain de Botton将同意他的观点,即他也相信你的成功理念是你自己的。没有人可以为你定义你的成功,你也应该依赖别人的观点。我们必须认识到社会永远不会达到绝对公平,这意味着我们在环境基础上有不同的机会。我们所能做的最好的事情就是发展我们所有的才能,并全身心投入,以获得我们想要的东西。这让我想起了不丹的人们,他们是由另一个TED演讲的演讲者Chip Conley研究过的。他说,不丹国王提出了一个国家成功的原始观点,GNH(国民幸福总值)而不是GDP。一个成功国家的传统观点是,其GDP必须很高,换句话说,大多数人都富裕。然而,金钱并不总能带来幸福,有时会出现问题。千人眼中有一千个哈姆雷特。但是你自己的成功是你唯一认可的,这会使你快乐和满足。

    Success is a journal which is worthwhile to enjoy. David Brooks, who delivered a speech “Should you Live for your Résumé … or your Eulogy?” told us that we should not pursue success at the cost of our personal lives. There are always people busy with working so as to ignore taking care of their health, forget families’ birthday and seldom meet with friends. Some of them have great achievements but those are short-term success. Long-term success should run through the whole life and tightly linked with people around you. We should value what we have meet with and what we have rather than just insisting on aiming at the goal. Elizabeth Gilbert also said that even the failure is a valuable asset for us, because it is failure that drives us to make another success. For artist, it is difficult to create something new or surpass your previous works. Failure is not your burden, but when doubts and critics crowd, you know you have to make progress. The path for pursuing success is full of challenges and surprises. After overcoming one block, you will be fulfilled but you know the next one will give you more.